Management Perspectives

"I really trust Jeff Hurst...he picks winners and he knows how to support growth. He was able to get us together and sign up one of our most important accounts. Jeff is someone who can add strategic value on top of just making an investment."

Rob Weisberg

"Renny Smith and Philip Riese were instrumental in Parago's success. Whether I simply needed a sounding board or I was seeking their guidance on key strategic decisions, I knew their involvement would make a significant difference."

Juli Spottiswood
Parago, Inc.

"I have seen how this team knows marketing services. They also understand how to create value and how to empower management teams. Strategically, we were better off because of their contributions. I viewed them as my business partners - not just a source of capital."

Pat O'Rahilly
Aspen Marketing Services

"Jeff Hurst's expertise in scaling sales and marketing has been really helpful to us. He has been stalwart and strong in his support through all types of market cycles."

Jay Teich
Seahorse Bioscience

"There aren't many investors out there who do what Staley does in the field of retail and retail services. Staley really stood out and we were able to get into a much more sophisticated conversation much faster than with other investors."

Noah Glass
Founder and CEO
Staley Capital

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